Mini Vivi Nova Review

We sure do love the Vivi Nova. But we’re equally delighted that it now comes in a baby sized version!

The Mini Vivi Nova comes with 2.5ml of e-liquid. Like the full-size Vivi Nova, it can be entirely rebuilt. As such, you can if you like replace any or all individual parts as and when required, and it can be disassembled for a thorough cleaning whenever the necessity arises.

Each Mini Vivi Nova kit comes complete together with three interchangeable heads – 1.8 ohms, 2.4 ohms, and 2.8 ohms. You can switch them over in order to vary your vaping experience. What’s more, the Mini Vivi Nova, like the larger-sized Vivi Nova is virtually leak-proof, and proffers excellent vapor production as well as a powerful throat hit experience. But for some, one of the best features is that it arrives in a range of five color choices.

You can also try the metal replacement tubes which will allow you to vape a variety of flavors that are typically only available for interaction with plastic tanks. And, you might like to also cover the battery threads which connect the Mini Vivi Nova to the battery with a simplistic but attractive cone that offers a sleeker, more finished appearance.

How to Assemble and Use Your New Mini Vivi Nova

Dead simple stuff!

Firstly, remove the Mini Vivi Nova body from the packaging.

Next, gently pull the protective plastic cover away from the mouthpiece (also known as the drip tip). You may either discard the protective plastic or save it for storing any extra replaceable heads when not being used.

The Mini Vivi Nova arrives together with a removable black plastic mouthpiece – the drip tip. It can be removed simply by pulling it firmly.

Should you prefer, you can replace the current drip tip by another 510 drip tip of your choosing!

In order to disassemble the entire unit, begin by unscrewing the top away from the plastic body.

Then, unscrew the plastic body from the base.

The base, which is metal, is composed of two separate parts: the base itself, in addition to the replaceable head (also termed as the wick).

Unscrew the replaceable head or wick from the stem and replace with a new one as required.

The Mini Vivi Nova comes together with three replaceable heads (two in the package and one ready-installed). The installed head is 2.4 ohms, while the other two are 1.8 ohms and 2.8 ohms.

By looking closely at the replaceable head, you will be able to see the ohm rating clearly engraved within the metal casing.

Upon changing the replaceable head, simply screw the unit body back in place.

At this point, you are ready to fill up the tank with e-liquid.

As you fill, it’s best to fill from all sides, but do avoid adding the e-liquid to the central tube.

To fill the tank, use the glass dropper that arrives with the Virgin Vapor e-liquid. Do not be tempted to fill past the uppermost milliliter marking.

And once the tank is filled, simply replace the top and screw on firmly.

You’re now all set to vape! Resource from:

Electronic Cigarette – A Modern Device For Anti-Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular type of devices among smokers. This is due to the fact that the e-cigarette use can significantly reduce the damage to the body and also helps to get rid of smoking habit.

The popularity of this devices in the world figures indicate not only sales of manufacturing companies. Devices are so much in demand that they even appeared vernacular names, such as electric cigarette, e. cigarette, e-cigarette , and many others. A large number of names indicates that the devices are popular and it is manifested considerable interest.

What is an electronic cigarette? First of all, a high-tech device that works on the principle of an inhaler. It consists of two or three elements. Electronic cigarette is running on battery (the longest part in the device). It starts immediately after the implementation of the first puff and shut down after soaring. Smoking electric cigarette is formed in the cartridge or cartomizer which is the part that visually resemble a conventional filter tobacco products. The vapor occurs by heating aromatic liquid nicotine. Process of its formation takes a few second.

Let see the similarities and differences in the electronic and regular cigarettes? Comparison of products represented in the table.

Regular cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes


Typically, white-brown. There may also be partially or completely black gray.

Externally the same as regular cigarettes. Usually have many colors, can be decorated with various decorative elements.


About 4 thousands of substances, including about 70 carcinogens, ammonia, carbon monoxide, arsenic and other hazardous compounds

Contains only purified nicotine and propylene glycol non-hazardous.

Smoking in public places

Prohibited. Suffer from passive smoking by others. They consume part of the substances contained in tobacco smoke

Allowed. Can be used in non-smoking areas (theater, restaurant, train station). It does not harm others, because in the smoke is not harmful compounds. Additionally, steam in the air dissolves rapidly


Unpleasant, pungent smell in the smoking process. The same “flavor” exude clothes and hair smoker. Leave a taste in the mouth

In the process of smoking occurs pleasant scent that does not linger on clothes and hair. Electric cigarettes can be with the smell of chocolate and coffee, vanilla and strawberry, and others. After smoking, the mouth remains unpleasant taste


Yes. There is a dependence on tobacco, which is difficult to handle

No. Conversely, electronic cigarettes can be used to combat tobacco addiction

Optional accessories

Needed. Person requires cigarette lighters, matches, ashtrays, bins to smoke or get rid of the remnants of cigarettes

Not required. But you can get a smoking cigarette case or holster.

Thus, electronic cigarettes can be much more convenient and cost-effective solution for the smoker than regular tobacco products. From this point of view agree many physicians , scientists and representatives of associations of health from around the world. Oncologists, cardiologists, drug experts and doctors of other specialties approve the idea of using devices for nicotine replacement therapy. Doctors also confirmed that in the liquid does not contain any harmful ingredients that can affect health.

The only way to avoid purchasing low quality and even dangerous products is to buy a recognized brands device. Products from the Japanese manufacturer is different excellent characteristics of vaporization. Thanks to the rich taste and rich aroma, smoking receives from soaring no less pleasant feelings than from smoking. The experience of many people shows that using e-cigarette can minimize harm from addiction or abandon it altogether. Resource Site: